The New Rules – from Topman

On the high street you would have to say that Topman generally set the agenda when it comes to menswear, and as part of the launch of their new season pieces they are setting some “New Rules.”

As a relatively conservative dresser in many ways for me it is an interesting take on some classic styles and pieces but I’m looking forward to giving them a try and seeing what works.

Tuck It In

As far as Topman are concerned “out is out” so trying tucking it in, whether that’s a polo shirt, or relaxed t-shirt…



My Verdict: I’m all for tucking stuff in traditionally, but when it comes to a more relaxed t-shirt or polo I think it would certainly feel strange. But with the right polo shirt and some decent smart, cropped trousers, I could see it working.

Double Up

Double denim is the cardinal sin isn’t it? Not according to Topman this season…

My Verdict: The only denim I have ever worn is jeans so to double up with a denim jacket or shirt would be a real departure for me, but it’s one I’m considering in the Spring. To get away with double denim you have to get it right and I think a good rule is obviously to avoid the same tones across both items and maybe steer clear of really a really stonewashed look.

Crop & Contrast

Topman are tipping smart cropped trousers with slacker style t-shirts, printed shirts and skate shoes this Spring…

topman_728993 (2)

My Verdict: We all went through a skater phase right? Me included, the skate look couldn’t be further from my style. But I do love the slacker look and whole scene, including the music. I don’t think I could pull this off, but there are plenty of people who can.

Layer Up

Layer up a shirt with a thin hoodie underneath or long sleeved tee underneath…


My Verdict: Again this has a real slacker / skate feel about the look which I like, it’s very 90s. It’s been a long time since wearing a t-shirt under an unbuttoned shirt was ok, but it could well be on the way back.

Keep On Track

Mix tailoring and track tops for a contemporary take on smart according to Topman…

topman_729042 (2)

My Verdict: Of all the new rules I think this might be my favourite. I’m a big fan of both the smart tailored look and that of the sports casual, so trying to blend them really appeals to me.

See what you think of the New Rules yourself and shop the look at Topman. Drop me a tweet and let me know what you think @GentlemanCasual 

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