A Casual Chat #3 – The Casual Sniper

A Casual Chat

Episode 3 of A Casual Chat with The Casual Sniper

In the 3rd episode of my “Casual Chat” podcast I was delighted to be able to chat to Gavin aka “The Casual Sniper.” Pompey fan and old school casual, he was there from the beginning, through the explosion of casual culture in the 80s to the rave scene of the 90s and into the modern day.

He is also an alcoholic. Having struggled with alcohol through all those years he is now proudly sober and has been for 6 years and counting. We talk about that journey, people’s attitude to alcoholism and just how good life can be sober. Of course we also have a good chat about clothes!

Incredibly inspiring, fascinating to talk to, his enthusiasm and positivity is infectious. I hope you enjoy watching our chat as much as we did having it.

If you prefer it is available in audio format…

You can follow Gav on Twitter – The Casual Sniper. Here are some of the brands and labels he mentioned in the podcast if you want to check them out:

Everyday Garments

Club Stubborn


Uniform Bridge

Hiroshi Nozawa

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