10 Classic European Championship Kits

With the European Championships 2016 fast approaching the excitement is beginning to build. Even for me who being a Liverpool fan has never had a huge affinity with the England side, at least not since the heady days of Euro 96. For my generation it’s the tournament that defines us and our initial love of football I think, one we’ll never forget. As the tournament approaches it’s easy to reminisce and with that in mind I thought I’d pick out some of the classic kits European Championship kits from over the years. Everything seemed better in the past didn’t it?

Holland ’88

One of the most iconic and popular football shirts of all time and the one that Holland won their only major honour in in 1998.


England – ’96

Possibly the most iconic England shirt ever? At least of the modern era. It evokes memories of a better time, Gazza’s incredibly goal against Scotland, the dentist chair, Shearer & Sheringham, Paul Ince bloodied and battled in Rome, beating the dutch 4 -1… what a shirt!


England – Keeper ’96

The 90s was fantastic for horrifically garish goalkeeper kits wasn’t it and this one worn by Seaman at Euro ’96 must be one of the most uneasy on the eye that there has ever been. But somehow, it its madness and utter gaudiness it is iconic, even beautiful. I’ve seen worse at Tate Modern, that is for sure.


Croatia ’96

Another iconic shirt fro Euro 96 – utterly unique and still so with it’s chequered table cloth look and of course Croatia were incredible that year with Davor Šuker setting the tournament alight.


Holland ’96

The dutch shirt always feels iconic, but even more so in ’96 for the English after that glorious 4-1 win…


Germany ’96

Hugely painful for us English as this is the shirt worn by the German side that so cruly knocked us out on penalties in the semi finals. We all remember Moller’s celebration in this shirt don’t we? But it’s still a beautiful, iconic shirt.


France ’00

This feels like it defines that great French era of Zidane, Henry, Desailly, Blanc, Vieira… in which they won the World Cup and European Championship in succession.


Greece ’04

Visually not a particularly inspiring shirt, but it has become iconic purely due to Greece’s hugely unexpected win in the tournament of 2004, which otherwise was pretty forgettable.


Portugal ’12

Despite being consistent underachievers there is something about this shit that feels iconic. The design is pretty special and I think everyone has visions of Ronaldo failing to win another major international tournament again.


Spain ’12

Aesthetically as a kit it doesn’t feel that special, but this shirt is iconic purely for the fact that Spain wore it on the way to retaining the European Championship which was unprecedented.


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