A Casual Chat #1 – My mate Nick

Despite being a relatively quiet person, I’ve always loved conversion. I’m fascinated by people and hearing what they have to say. I’ve also always loved the every day, ordinary, normal people. I think they are the most interesting.

So I decided to try and start having “casual” chats with mates, people I know vaguely and “ordinary” people who I think have something interesting to say.

In the first episode, I chat to my mate Nick, a scouser who I’ve not seen for sometime having first met when working together on something in Liverpool. But we’ve kept in touch over the years, he’s given me great advice at times and I’ve given him the odd Liverpool ticket.

Here, we have a chat about supporting Liverpool, then and now. How the casual scene developed in Liverpool and what it was like at the time. We also talk about something important to us both, mental health and particularly how men think about their mental health.

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