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I wrote recently how much I love wearing a suit. I love a casual look as well but there is something wonderful about putting a suit on, whether it gives you confidence for an interview or a business meeting or gets you excited for a big wedding day or special occasion. Working in a pretty casual environment I don’t get to wear one as much as I’d like and so I jumped at the chance to try a Topman suit for a wedding I attended recently. I’ve said before that a good suit doesn’t have to cost the earth and Topman have a great range. They have just launched their “This Is Tailoring” feature and it really puts a marker down for them within the tailoring and suiting world.

I’m a particularly big fan of Topman suits because I find that their cut and sizes really suits me. I’m pretty small (5’7) and very slim, so their slim fit or skinny fit suits are perfect for me. There is nothing worse than an ill fitting, baggy suit. If you’re unsure of your sizing, they’re size guide is really handy…

  My Top Picks from Topman

I thought I’d celebrate the new Tailoring range at Topman by identifying some of my favourites from the range.

White Skinny Fit Tuxedo

I’ve never been a fan of a double breasted suit, they just don’t suit my slim style but if you are looking for something really special to make a bit of an impression then you can’t go far wrong with a white tuxedo can you?!

Perfect for: A party!

white tux

Stone Skinny Fit Suit

I went for a light grey single breasted skinny fit suit for a wedding I was at recently, but this stone coloured suit is another great option for a Spring / Summer occasion.

Perfect for: A summer wedding!

stone skinny fit

Dark Navy Textured Skinny Fit Suit

I have a dark navy suit from Topman myself and it’s really versitile and perfect for any occasion, aside perhaps from a sweltering summer’s day. This skinny fit single breasted two button suit is a real all-rounder.

Perfect for: The Office!

dark navy textured suit

Dark Green Wool Blend Skinny Fit Suit

The last thing you might want to think about right now is winter, but when it does come around a nice sterdy wool blend suit is perfect. Ideal for a winter wedding or a fancy Christmas gathering!

dark green wool

Perfect for: Winter wedding!


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