Hawaiian Shirts – For This Summer & Next

Whilst flicking through The Sunday Times Style Magazine I came across the short men’s feature section and a piece on Hawaiian shirts. By all accounts the garish go to of a certain type of stag do or “Spring Break” bro are the thing to be seen in this summer. And not just this summer, they are still making an appearance on catwalks now amongst some of fashion’s finest, which suggests that they were still be more than acceptable to the common man by the time next summer comes around.

I’ve never been one for a Hawaiian shirt, I’m not sure I can pull them off and I am adverse to what I see as a slightly ironic or comedic “flamboyance that they seem to symbolise. But that is not to say that they can’t be carried off well, you only have to look back at the likes of Evlis, Al Paccino in Scarface and Tom Selleck pulling them off. So I thought maybe this summer I would give them a go, particularly if I might be able to get two summers out of them.

Here’s a selection of some of my favourites:

adidas Skateboarding Hawaiian Shirt – £50 


OAKHART Printed Shirt – REISS – £70 (sale)


Polo Ralph Lauren Floral Print Shirt – £75


ASOS Viscose Print Shirt With Revere Collar – £22


Reclaimed Vintage Inspired Shirt In Floral Print – £35


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