Cheating on my long term partner

We’re all human. You might be sat there in the pub with your beloved, giving them admiring glances every few minutes. But then something catches your eye on the way to the bar.

It’s a lovely pair. But wait… they’re not adidas? Shit. What are they? Saucony. Interesting.

Friends and regular readers will know I am dedicated to the 3 stripes (no… on trainers.) But occasionally my eye wanders, and when it does it’s usually to these different brands of trainers…


The italians know what they are doing don’t they, let’s face it. And I can’t help be drawn to certain Diadora trainers, particularly the runners and NH9000…

Diadora Camaro


These caught my eye a little while ago and a mate of mine who is a staunch three stripes addicted recently invested in a pair. They’ve just got that classic runner style that I adore, with interesting but not garish colourways.


A British classic and again one of the few brands that I would stray from adidas for. I think again it is because how much I love a runner / jogger style. Plus I used to love my Reebok classics (let’s have a little dance shall we?!) It annoys me so much that they are now worn by the fucking art school hipsters 18 year olds of East London who would have called us chavs for wearing them back in the day…

Reebok Classic Leather

The Nyon is also an affordable classic of theirs…

Reebok Nyon


I don’t actually own any, but I think they make beautiful trainers and I feel I will need to buy a pair soon… END. have a great range.


Disagree? Any other brands I should consider? Tweet me – @gentlemancasual – And some of the places to find my favourite trainers try END. The Hip Store and Aphrodite.

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