5 brands I wouldn’t be seen dead in

Back in 2016 I wrote a post entitled 5 brands I wouldn’t be seen dead in, so I thought I would take a look back at it and see if they have changed at all or if there are any new entrants….


Absolutely no question that my feelings on Superdry remain, if anything they have probably become even more vitriolic. It was bad enough a few years ago when everyone started wearing them, but now if I see someone in anything Superdry I just immediately think they must be an utterly boring burk. You have even started seeing smackheads in them, that can’t be a good thing for a brand can it? Plus the pointless Japanese characters and logos all over the place still wrangles with me. If you wear Superdry, sort yourself and try getting a personality.

Jack Wills

This is a new entrant and has replaced Lyle & Scott, which looking back was a harsh decision in the first place. I have written about Jack Wills before when their sportswear range came out. Now I’m no inverted snob and I went to a private school, but let’s face it Jack Wills in the uniform of the spoilt, highly irritating middle class teenagers. I know it is now worn a lot more widely by people in general, but it’s just not for me, it stands for everything I don’t want to be.

Cotton Trader / Crew Clothing

I’ve just thrown these two in together because they are basically the same aren’t they? Worn by arrogant Rugby fuckheads who probably work in finance and wish they could fuck their attractive young PA, who absolutely detests them. Instead they chuck money at strippers, drive idiotic cars and fart London Pride constantly.


Bit of a different one here as it’s one that the “yoofs” are into. I’m just too old for it now, I don’t really get the streetwear thing I’m afraid. I don’t mind expensive gear, but it seems ludicrous the cost of some of it, just for the fucking logo. And when they started selling a brick, I almost applauded them for quite simply taking the piss out of the fuck heads who dress head to toe in it. Can I also just mention the trend amongst young posh kids to wear FILA and Reebok classics, the sort of stuff they would have called you a chav for 5 years ago. They can fuck off

New Balance

Bit of a controversial one this as they obviously make Liverpool’s kit, so I actually own a pair of New Balance Liverpool shorts, but there is something about their trainers that get to me. Don’t get me wrong, they are lovely looking trainers, but there’s just something about the people who wear them that make me think they are thinking they are better than everyone else. Too good for adidas or Nike. They are very much the trainer of choice for the Managing Director on “dress down Friday.”

So that means only one brand has remained from two years ago… with Voi Jeans and G-Star still shite but not as bad as the above and then I just got Lyle & Scott and Peaceful Hooligan wrong really. Wouldn’t wear them myself, but nothing offensive about that.

Disagree? Annoyed because you have New Balance trainers? I couldn’t give a fuck. But by all means leave a comment.

To find brands I would be seen dead in, try the likes of Hipstore and END. 

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  1. So, basically, you sit around outside ‘trendy’ coffee shops in your spare time drinking your chai latte while rinsing people’s clothes choices under your man-bun.
    Fucking tosser. Die in a fire you absolute piece.

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