Trainer Focus – The Lavez Trainer

I thought I had better branch out from Adidas a bit this year in my trainer of the week series as although I rarely stray from the three stripes I know a lot of you do. So to kick off I wanted to introduce The Lavez Trainer, by Bee Inspired.

It is a label started by ex-professional footballers Steven Robb & Mark Corcoran and worn by pros today, including Phil Coutinho.

Their “Lavez” silhouette, available in white, black and grey. It is the white colourway which has caught my attention. If you have read my wardrobe essentials blog, you will know that I see a decent pair of white trainers as essential footwear and these could fit the bill.

Those of you who know me well will know I despise hi-top trainers, but the Lavez has a slightly higher tongue, but regular back which almost hints at a hi-top without actually being one – I’m a fan. And in the crisp all white, they could be worn with everything from jeans to chinos.

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