5 summer fashion “faux pas” all men should avoid

The British summer can be a wonderful time, but it can also be hellish. The British aren’t all that accustomed to dealing with the sun, and that can often lead to rather stomach churning acts of male fashion. If you consider yourself at all stylish, here is a quick fire guide to a few fashion faux pas to avoid over the summer…

1. Short Sleeved Shirts

A tricky area the short sleeved shirt. There are of course some decent ones that exist, but here I am talking about your M&S cotton short sleeved shirts that some people seem intent on wearing. I suspect these people often work in IT, but that is no excuse. The shirt itself is bad enough, but pair it with a tie for work and you’ve gone beyond the realms of decency in my eyes I’m afraid. Wear a decent tailored cotton shirt, and if tie less, roll the sleeves up if you’re hot!

2. Sunglasses and suits

This is a tricky one. TheNew Sprezzatura unwritten rule for a gentleman is that sunglasses should never be worn with a suit, particularly at a wedding or funeral – you’re not in the mafia. I would be inclined to apply this rule across the board. An absolute no no is wearing some God awful Oakley wraparounds with a suit; with their awful multicoloured mirrored lenses that make you look like a wannabe snowboarder who has won them on the pier of a British seaside resort. However, like anything, there are instances where sunglasses and a suit can work well, if done properly. If you insist on trying it, I would advise that the suit is a well tailored summer affair (linen, or at least lightweight) and the sunglasses are stylish not sporty – a classic Rayban for instance. If you’re feeling brave, go sock less with a really good pair of loafers.

3. Flip-flops

I’m not a huge fan of flip flops in general, but I can understand a need for them. However, that need is only present on the beach or poolside… under no circumstances should they be worn to work, or even worse with jeans… who the hell do you think you are? Some sort of ‘surf bum?’ My summer shoe of choice will always be loafer or when going casual an appropriate Adidas trainer or when on the beach or by the pool a slide¬†but never, ever, a sandal.¬†Espadrilles… I’m afraid I’m a little undecided on…. they’re rather too “gap yah” for me. Approach with caution and plenty of anti-odour talc.

4. Shorts

Board shorts, like flip-flops should only be worn in appropriate surroundings. I.E. the beach or poolside. Unless you can actually surf, and I mean actually surf. If you can’t, don’t be wandering around town head to toe in ‘Billabong.’ For me you can’t go wrong with a good pair of¬†tailored shorts.

5. Going shirtless…

Ok so perhaps for the likes of myself who isn’t blessed with what I think ‘Heat Magazine’ would term a ‘beach bod’ strutting around topless isn’t necessarily that appealing anyway, but even for those chaps out there who are blessed in that department you don’t want to be this guy: the bloke who enjoys wasting time in gymnasiums, guzzles powdered protein drinks that makes his breath smell and take pictures of himself topless to post on Instagram. They are what are known as pricks. Unless on the beach or poolside, walking around with your top off is just rather uncouth, however wonderful you think you look. Leave something to a ladies’ (or gentleman’s) imagination and keep a nice Sunspel or Fred Perry polo shirt firmly in place.

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