Guest Post: Men’s Guide For Fitness Must Haves

For those of you who know me well you will know that fitness is not my first priority. I’ve never been a member of a gym and I have no interest in that changing. Sweating out the weekend on a Tuesday night at 5-a-side is my excersise for the week. So when it comes to fitness fashion advice, I am not your man. So I thought I’d ask someone who knew a lot more about it than me. My fellow blogger Peter Minkoff kindly takes us through what to wear to help break through that wall…

peterFortunately, fitness trend is getting more popular and more people choose working out as their hobby every day. While getting fit and healthy is obviously the most important aspect of exercising, proper fitness outfit can help a lot when it comes to feeling comfortable enough to reach your goal. Not to mention that stylish fitness outfit in a mixed gym looks really attractive.



Choosing the right pair of fitness shoes is maybe the most important part that ensures the safety as well as success of the workout. Of course, insole should follow the line of the foot and feel comfortable. Material should provide good feet perspiration while the soles should have different levels of flexibility depending on the type of workout that you do. For example, if you do a lot of fitness exercises in the gym the more flexible the sole the better. On the other hand, if you enjoy hiking, sturdier footwear is the best option so that the shoes can protect the feet and ankles. In case of running trainers, you should seek a perfect balance.

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When it comes to tops, you should keep in mind that shirts that are too baggy and loose can only become a bother in certain exercises such as weight lifting. On the other hand, skin-tight shirts don’t look very flattering during a man’s workout routine and don’t feel very comfortable, especially when you start sweating. Top that is not too loose or too tight is the perfect choice. Sleeves are optional and it all depends on individual preference, as well as the time of the year if you’re exercising outside. There are special materials for fitness tops that are stink-free and sweat proof, but you also can’t go wrong with good old traditional cotton.

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In case of fitness bottoms, men have two perfect options – shorts or tights. Those who like loose airy feel should opt for shorts since this type of bottoms wouldn’t pose a problem or cause discomfort during exercise which can happen with Capri or baggy pants in general. If you don’t mind wearing tights this may be the better option of the two since the compression tights will wrap around the leg nicely and provide for the biggest level of efficiency in the leg workout. Moreover, there are special materials some tights are made of, so that they don’t feel too tight and straining while they stimulate the muscles even more during the exercise and aid in the recovery process.

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Additional Must Haves

Sweatbands for arms and head can really come in handy if you’re doing some demanding exercises without taking the towel with you. Moreover they can stylishly complete the whole fitness outfit. Also, if you’re worried about certain area of your body and want to avoid any additional strain, there are supporting bands for different body parts and especially joints to keep them safer. You might enjoy exercising outside, and during warmer months it’s a real pleasure to do your fitness routine at night.

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Also don’t forget about your fitness nutrition. If you’re planning to start working out regularly, you should consider additional nutrition supplements. Always choose natural fitness supplements for your beginners fitness diet. They’re made of safe and organic ingredients and they’re sure to keep your gut healthy.

Basically, men don’t need to break a sweat in terms of any choice before actually sweating during the exercise. Going with high quality products that feel the most comfortable to you personally is the right way to tackle this task. You should feel confident and provide yourself with good support for completing the exercises properly.


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