REISS – The AW16 Review

REISS are one of my favourite menswear labels and indeed physical stores. For me they epitomise minimal, elegant British style. So I was excited to see the launch of their Autumn Winter collection recently. Here is what you can expect…

Reiss Relaxed Tailoring

The term “relaxed tailoring” can worry me at times, there is a danger it all becomes a bit cheap suit jacket with bootlet jeans and brown “Base London shoes. A bit Clarkson. Reiss have got it right here though and as they say themselves “Call it the fallout from a decade of taking Mad Men’s Don Draper as a style icon in chief, right now tailoring feels unmistakably relaxed. That doesn’t mean that anything goes though. Thanks to uncompromisingly sharp cuts.” 

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Reiss Plum

Plum isn’t really a colour I’ve ever really worn, or considered wearing. That isn’t down to any prejudice towards it, it has just never felt front of mind, so it’s an interesting colour to see appear in the collection and one that I think I’ll definitely be trying. In Reiss’ words… “It may not be as prevalent in men’s wardrobes as black, navy or white, but despite this plum is surprisingly easy to wear. The simplest way to wear ? Take a knitted polo shirt. When worn with indigo jeans and pair of loafers, it’s just as off-duty appropriate as a black or navy design.” I couldn’t agree more.

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Reiss Double Breasted

I have to admit that I have never worn double breasted, I think it’s due to my incredibly slight frame that I just always felt that they would swamp me a bit and look oversized. But double breasted in very much in vogue for this Autumn and Winter and Reiss offer some reassurance… “Forget what you thought you knew about double-breasted styles adding unnecessary bulk to your frame. When executed right, double-breasted designs will add flair to your wardrobe but won’t add inches to your waistline.” It might be time for me to give it a go.

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Reiss Velvet Blazers

Anyone who has been lucky enough to attend a party with me, particular a works Christmas do, will know that I have a real penchant for a velvet jacket. I have been lucky enough to inherit a beautiful velvet jacket made in the 60s from the Dad. So in many ways it was this trend that excited me the most about the collection. You can’t really argue with this… “Channel the excesses of Studio 54 in a tactile and apologetically luxurious velvet blazer for the year’s close. This is luxury that feels just as good as it looks.” I’d thoroughly recommend pairing with a decent pair of dress slippers / loafers and a decent neck scarf.

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