Help each other through this.

Strange times we’re living in eh? Pretty scary, but also everything still feels sort of the same. Very hard to comprehend at the moment and no one knows where this will end. But one thing is certain, loads of independent businesses, creatives and musicians are going to be really affected. So I just wanted to put together a post about some of my favourite artists, bands, independent labels and businesses and show how you can support them through this, by buying something, donating… whatever.

Three Kings – Deptford, London.

First of all, my wonderful other half, moved here a year ago to open her own tattoo shop. The London branch of world renown Three Kings Tattoo from New York. She is just a couple of weeks away from opening and this thing hits… it’s tough to take. They WILL be open as soon as they can and they are taking bookings now, but in the meantime they have an online store for merch and prints if you would like to support them.

I’m also thinking back to my time in Liverpool and all the great friends I made in the independent music, bar and creative seen. Here are just a few of them that I would love you to support as best you can…

Mellowtone Records

Mellowtone Records was born from the spirit of the nomadic Mellowtone nights, quietly creating a stir since 2004.  

With over fifteen years of gigs, parties, collaborations and good times, Mellowtone have presented songwriters and bands from the worlds of folk,
blues, roots and so much more, in a variety of Liverpool’s most iconic and intimate venues.

Mellowtone Records progresses this mission further; Seeking out music with Soul. Magic. Alchemy. And bringing it to the wider world.

Laura Kate Draws

” Things that I like; the smell of new books, drawing tiny pointy shoes on animals playing instruments, the colour burgundy, finding little vintage gems , tea sets, days spent drawing in my PJ’s , 0.3 pencil leads , passport note books and penguins.”

Rosie Roo Creations

Pretty Little Subversive Cross Stitches & Accessories.

Kazimier Garden – Crowd Funding Campaign.

One of the finest and most inclusive venues in Liverpool.

Homebaked, Anfield

Homebaked is a community land trust and co-operative bakery situated on the boundary between the neighbourhoods of Everton and Anfield, just opposite the Liverpool Football Club. The project is co-owned and co-produced by people who live and work in our area. Starting from having saved our iconic neighbourhood bakery from demolition and developed it into a thriving community-run business with a beautiful apartment above we are proposing to regenerate our high street ‘brick by brick and loaf by loaf’, using money that is spent in the neighbourhood to benefit our communities.

Static Bar

Cosy neighbourhood bar specialising in local craft beers, natural wines & seasonal cocktails in Liverpool.

Blood & Bandages

The best people and the best fucking barber in Liverpool.

A piece on some of Bold Street’s oldest businesses in Liverpool, who will need you now more than ever.

Food banks

If you can try and support you local food bank with donations. The most vulnerable people in our society need us more than ever.

The Trussell Trust

Music & Bands

Bandcamp are doing the following to try and help…

“To raise even more awareness around the pandemic’s impact on musicians everywhere, we’re waiving our revenue share on sales this Friday, March 20 (from midnight to midnight Pacific Time), and rallying the Bandcamp community to put much needed money directly into artists’ pockets.”

The Best Techno – From Hamburg.

Senso Sounds

Some of my favourite bands and artists…

Eyesore & The Jinx

The Ragamuffins


Bill Ryder Jones


The Entire City

I’m bound to have forgotten people, if you want a shout out, let me know on twitter.

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