I’m a snowflake and proud of it

I was reading The Sunday Times this weekend. I read it quite regularly, the same way I do The Telegraph, as they are the papers my parents choose to read. I also think it’s incredibly important to read all sorts of things, particularly things you are pretty sure aren’t meant for you and your beliefs. That way, you are reminded that you don’t agree with what they say.

With that in mind, I came across Jeremy Clarkson’s column. He was rallying against under 25s for being too easily offended and basically a bit pathetic, in what was supposed to be an irreverent amusing tone. I mean he is funny isn’t he? Top Gear was a hoot. I don’t know why he never realised a stand up DVD.

His headline read “Argue with today’s youth and they’ll call you a racist – then start blubbing.”

According to the article, apparently young people are over sensitive morons for believing in the science of global warming and that immigration is generally a good thing.

Well Jeremy, the reason young people see you as an out of touch, arrogant and not very funny racist, is because that is exactly what you are. Clarkson and his brethren, the even more racist and nastier Rod Liddle for example, hide their ugly prejudice behind this faux call for “common sense”, appealing to a lot of sensible people’s innate fear of “a fuss.” The idea that perhaps all this liberalness, niceness and equality has just gone that little bit too far.

“Oh come on, saying coon never really hurt anyone did it? Lighten up, you bloody, liberal, well informed nice 24 year old!”

They try to tarnish and devalue a sense of conscience and a feeling that ultimately fairness and equality are good things by smearing those who believe that as “snowflakes” and somehow weak. They hark back to the days where everyone kept their feelings in, it was illegal to be in love with someone of the same sex, Catholic priests regularly raped and abused thousands of children and young people hung themselves because talking about your feelings wasn’t the done thing. Great days.

Well I’m sorry Jeremy, Rod, Boris and all you other gammon faced cunts, but I’m a snowflake and I’m proud of it. I’m not a fan of people who are tediously earnest but kindness and empathy for people is never something that should be discouraged or rallied against.

This narrative that somehow we should curb people’s desire for equality, freedom and better lives for all just because some of the people who advocate it can be a little bit irritating is a dangerous one. Just in the same way that we shouldn’t focus on the minority who abuse benefit systems that help so many. There are irritating people everywhere and there are unscrupulous people everywhere. I can take a few liberal bores and I can take a few benefit cheats if it means that we end up living in a fairer, nicer society where everyone is looked after and given the opportunity to lead a happy and comfortable life without fear of being attacked for who they are. 

But what would I know, I believe in the science of global warming and don’t believe migrant children should be left to drown at sea. Pathetic I know. 

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