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When I was first diagnosed with coeliac disease my biggest concern was not being able to drink lager, luckily I soon discovered that there are a lot of Gluten Free beers out there and a lot of the big boys do their own version too. So I thought I’d start writing very lazy and short reviews as I work my way through them…


Slightly sharp taste. Not the nicest GF lager I have had in Spain but perfectly drinkable. 4.8% – not a bad afternoon beer in the sun. But wouldn’t be my go to Cerveza. 7/10

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Estrella Galicia

Probably my favourite Spanish sin gluten Cerveza. And amazingly it is Wetherspoon’s sin gluten of choice. Fuck brexit. Smooth, light… but strong at 5.5%. 9/10

Beligan Premium Pilsner – M&S

Marks and Sparks Gluten Free lager option and possibly a contender for my favourite along with Galicia. It’s light, crispy but  strong and flavoursome. 8/10

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Mongozo (Regular and White)

My parents brought me back the regular Mongozo Pilsner from a booze cruise in France and said it was about all they had. Funnily enough I then found it on a recent trip to Amsterdam, where they were pretty unforgiving about gluten free beer. I was told to “just have a glass of water” in one bar. Cheeky prick. Anyway, it’s a nice enough beer… the white one is particularly crisp and light. Nothing special though. 6/10

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This was another one my parents brought back from France and I only had one. It was so long ago I can’t remember fuck all about it, but it wasn’t horrible so will give it a 6/10

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Greens Glorious Pilsner

Bit of a regular one for me this as it’s always in Sainsbury’s. It’s nice, quite strong in taste and hoppy for a lager but really lovely. 8/10

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Another one of my favourites and one I drink most regularly probably. It’s the one pubs seem to stock when they do have a GF one and it basically tastes exactly the same as normal Peroni. ABV: 5.1% –  8/10

Gluten Free Peroni

Celia Premium Czech Lager

A really nice light crisp organic, Pilsner , usually found in Waitrose but I have seen it elsewhere. Another favourite of mine and probably in my Top 5 just because of it’s ease to drink (aren’t they all!) and how light and refreshing it is. ABV: 4.6% – 8/10

Celia Premium Gluten Free Lager


To be continued…


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