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Having spent my first couple of months in London I’ve certainly had some time of it… and it has brought me back to some music I’d left behind as well as discovering new stuff, that just feels like it naturally soundtracks my London life. So I put together a little London playlist. Which I will continue to add to. (If anyone from Spotify wants to give me a playlisting job, you know where I am!)

“Oh, you! Put another 0 on your paycheck. Are you done digging your grave yet? Cheer up, London. It’s not that bad. Cheer up, London. You’re already dead and it’s not that bad…. Maybe lack of sleep, or last nights drinks. Now my eyes twitching, if that prick coughs again; In the back of my head. I’ll smash your fucking face in. I’ve got the same shirt on for two days in a row, with a soya sauce stain so everyone knows… can shower and scrub; still smell like the smoking bit in a Weatherspoons pub…..

Geezers need excitement. If there lives don’t provide them they stay incite violence. Common sense, simple common sense.

Its so fucking grim out there, lets hibernate,
I’m sick of people obsessed with their clothes and hair,
Never leave London, New York or LA
Fucking lets hibernate, its cold and it is late.
Both know I shouldn’t stay , I don’t care what your flatmates say
But yeah, they’re probably right
Don’t let me stay tonight, I’m drunk and you are tired….

Yeah you probably had some bad advice, but your flatmates on her prime. And ones got a mustache and she talks a lot of shite…

Geezers need excitement. If there lives don’t provide them they stay incite violence. Out the club about three to the takeaway, the shit in a trey merchants. Shops got special penchant for the disorderly, geezers looking ordinary and a few looking lairy.

Why do these tourists walk so slow?
Especially now I’ve got somewhere to go?And a posh sounding girl, going on and on…

About her dog and Mr. Morgan
It sounds so funny when I hear you calling!
Mum be like ‘boy what you doing?’
Please shut up and try and sound confident
In a crap job when your mini course is done.

Has it come to this? Original pirate material . Your listening to the streets . Lock down your aerial . My underground train runs from mile end to Ealing. From Briton to Boundsgreen . My spitting’s dirty my beats are clean, so smoke weed and be lean…

Should I give my money to a good cause or save for a holiday,
In a couple of months I could be in paradise,
But the girl at the bar is well nice and she’s looking over,
It’s only right that I get the next round in….
I don’t wanna miss out on anything,
At the same time I feel the need to retreat,
Everything is temporary these days,
Might as well go out for a fifth night in a row…
Walk home, come down, retreat to sleep,
Wake up, go out again, repeat,
Walk home, come down, retreat to sleep
Hook up, again this time, next week.

Spit jewels like Eastern riches, junkie fixes.
Around here we say ‘birds’, not bitches.
As London Bridge burns down Brixton’s burning up.
Turns out your in luck, I knows this dodgy fuck in the Duck…

London calling to the faraway towns. Now war is declared and battle come down. London calling to the underworld. Come out of the cupboard, you boys and girls. London calling, now don’t look to us. Phony Beatlemania has bitten the dust. London calling, see we ain’t got no swing; except for the ring of that truncheon thing….

So here you are in Hoxton two years on
Since you left that little no where that you’re from
First few weeks you stayed with your ex,
Same old arguments but without the sex.
Now they’re squaring up
“What phone you got bruv”?
Yeah they’re gonna give you grief
You still get home in one piece.

Now he’s in your face.
“Got any drugs on you mate”?
You get out for some peace
Still get home by our feet
See now your home,
Crashing out in your coat
Jet lagged from the night bus/bars?
Planning your escape…

No point in trying to act all hard, as the kids take the piss when you walk past.

Breakneck speed we drown ten pints of bitter…
We lean all day and some say that ain’t productive..
That depend upon the demons that you’re stuck with. Cause right now, I see clearer than most.

Just need one night off, Get out of this in one peace… And come home for some sleep.


Rat Race


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