The GC in London -Month One

So it has been a month since I “officially” moved to London and started my job, and I have been trying to keep a little diary of The GC in London and make some initial observations. It’s certainly been a busy month, I’ve been late for work about 3 times, done my first ever Yoga class, got on the wrong train numerous times, had lots of pints with lots of my best friends, moved from a mate’s into my new permanent (and lovely) flat share as well as fitting in a weekend away in Hamburg. Which is a whole other story.

Here are a few random observations, learnings and experiences from my first month in the big smoke…
  • Be prepared… I don’t know if it is just because I have been a bit over excited and all over the place, but if you don’t plan ahead and make a little bit of breakfast for the commute or have a coffee holder, you end up spending £15 on a bottle of water, Flat White, chewing gum & packet of tissues at Waterloo.
  • On the same note, recognise that when heading immediately to a date from work (or back from one)… you might not be at your freshest. Richmond M&S opening at 8am has been a godsend for me and I was even forced to buy an emergency shirt from fucking Joules at Waterloo on route to a date one night. Plenty of emergency clothing, deodorant and toileteries at work are an essential.
  • An observation, people aren’t as rude as you think – but definitely don’t talk to anyone on the tube in rush hour. You can barely breathe anyway.
  • Another general observation…. people love marching along with their takeaway coffee, very pleased with themselves ultimately thinking that whatever futile Thatcherite service & finance revolution job they have is better than everyone else’s. It’s not mate. We’re all in the same fucking rat race here Sebastian.
  • London in general, hipsters and I suppose bankers who think they are cool seem to like their weird inside / outside food halls. Which are quite cool, but it is hard to eat a steak and chips with wooden cutlery. I went through 5 forks.

  • Certain hipster shitholes aren’t as accommodating to coeliac’s as you would expect them to be. A year ago you pricks were acting like you invented this shit.
  • Quite a lot of pubs seem to have cats in them. Which I am a big fan of.
  • If you leave a flat that isn’t yours early in the morning and you happen to be a bit disorientated the best way to find the nearest tube or train station in generally to follow anyone walking quickly with a backpack and headphones on.
  • Speaking of which… backpacks are a big thing in London. I have been mocked for having a “satchel” several times now when marketing managers are supposedly meant to be a bit cooler and hipster which in 2019 London equals a backpack apparently. Oh how things have changed since school. I might take it full hipster and use a Sports Direct Bag for life.

Plenty of other stories and observations, so I will try and keep this up. But I wouldn’t count on it…

To sum up…


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