A Casual Chat #2 – David (The Ragamuffins)

In the second in my series of “Casual Chats” I caught up with David, Liverpool fan, trainer obsessive and the man behind one of the North West’s best loved bands – The Ragamuffins. We talk Liverpool’s title win, The Ragamuffins and having Liverpool legends see you changing a nappy… trainers of course and Liverpool as […]

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Help each other through this.

trange times we’re living in eh? Pretty scary, but also everything still feels sort of the same. Very hard to comprehend at the moment and no one knows where this will end. But one thing is certain, loads of independent businesses, creatives and musicians are going to be really affected. So I just wanted to put together a post about some of my favourite artists, bands, independent labels and businesses and show how you can support them through this, by buying something, donating… whatever.

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