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IMG_20170721_134107_635Having just returned from a lovely week in Cornwall but having slightly under packed I thought I would continue my “wardrobe” series with a what to wear in Cornwall.

I spent the week with friends and family on the Roseland Penisular, an area highlighted by GQ as “the place to be,” The sort of publicity that is likely to ruin it for us all. Although it is an area which is already very well known. We were staying a few miles from the beautiful little harbour village of St Mawes where you can’t move for Range Rovers and children who look like they’re called Tabitha and Hugo. But the area of Roseland does still feel like it has retained its Cornishness; the pubs are still populated by old Cornish sea dogs and fisherman, some of the world class eating establishments have Cornish chefs in their kitchens, galleries are populated by Cornish artists and decent little eateries and cafes have popped up driven by Cornish entrepreneurs.

But what to wear for a week in Cornwall? Well one thing is for sure, you can’t rely on the weather. Occasionally you can get lucky and have a full week of hot sunshine, but in general it’s best to prepare for sun, showers, storms and overcast but hot days. With a mixture of time on the beach, rugged coastal hill walks and dining out in style you’ll need to dig deep into your wardrobe for the week.

For the beach

Cornwall is blessed with incredibly beautiful beaches, from small intimate covers to long sandy expanses perfect for a bit of beach cricket at low tide. Even in hot sunshine, the sea is pretty damn cold so if you’re one for water sports and plenty of swimming you might want to invest in a wetsuit, but for a quick dip I’m happy with a classic pair of trunks like these from Ralph Lauren or Paul Smith. For something a bit cheaper, you can’t go wrong with Topman.

Shop Swimwear at END. Clothing

I’m well known for my love of pool slides and specifically “adilettes.” You can now get hold of a velvet pair, yes bloody velvet, but for the Cornish beach a classic plastic slide is probably best.


Shop Adilettes at END.

For a walk

It’s fair to say that I’m not a walker. I don’t really see the attraction. But it’s a different story in Cornwall when just about any walk around the coast is absolutely breathtaking. I wasn’t particularly well equipped though, and could have done with some better footwear. I’m a big fan of the somewhat old school and slightly derided Peter Storm as a brand and therefore love their collaboration with Nicholas Deakin on these hiking boots, which wouldn’t look out of place on the football terrace either.


The other thing you can’t do without in Cornwall unfortunately is a good waterproof. Something lightweight and packable is perfect, like these from Ma.Strum. Of course it’s hard to see past Berghaus for waterproofs and all weather gear. I particularly like the “Light Trek Men’s Waterproof.” If you want something a bit cheaper, ASOS have a great selection and I love this overhead lightweight waterproof from Rains.

The Bergahus Light Trek Waterproof

For out & about

We spent a lot of time out and about, drinking in cosy pubs, eating in first class restaurants or grabbing a coffee in a nice cafe so it’s important to have plenty of smart casual gear to look the part. On holiday I always favour loafers and a pair of tailored chino shorts or full length chinos for dinner pair with a smart polo shirt or if you’re going really fancy a crisp white cotton oxford shirt from Fred Perry or Ralph.


A Gentleman Casual in Cornwall

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