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For those of you who know me well, you’ll know that I am very much not the outdoors type! You only need to read my thoughts on Tough Mudder to know that. But that is not to say that I do not appreciate the quality of outwear labels. They often end up a favourite of casuals due to the coats and outwear being perfect for standing on freezing cold football terraces!

Jack Wolfskin is a label that came to my attention when they became an official partner of my team Liverpool and they have just recently launched a range in John Lewis. 

Founded in Germany, they proudly state that they are “at home outdoors.” In their words, “there’s nowhere we’d rather be. The vastness attracts us, time sustains us. We are on a quest for experiences, not peak performance.”

Guided by a passion to develop exceptional products, and driven by new ideas they are fully committed to functionality.

“Our products are designed to protect, keep you warm and dry, whilst being comfortable and reliable and lasting for many years. No detail is too small for us to improve upon.

We respect the diversity of nature and all living things. Our earth is simply the most beautiful place in the universe and we only have this one. We do everything we can to protect it and we want to experience it and share it with others.”

As I do love my coats, my favourite piece in the new John Lewis range has to be the Point Barrow Waterproof Insulated Men’s Parka Jacket in a lovely Burnt Olive…

point barrow jacket

I also like the look of some of their more lightweight waterproofs as well, like the Viking Sky Waterproof 3 in 1

Viking Sky Waterproof

If you are after some quality outdoor wear that will keep you warm and dry over the winter then I’d definitely recommend giving Jack Wolfskin a go. You can shop the full range at John Lewis here.

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