Label Discovery: Wings & Horns

Whilst recently browsing END Clothing I came across a label I hadn’t heard of before – Wings & Horns. I was immediately drawn in by the simple and casual cuts, charcoal colouring but unusual textures. I am not afraid to dabble with colour, particularly over the summer but there is always something endearing about understated simplicity when it comes to both cut and colouring. Unnecessary patterns, branding or pointless prints strike me as the domain of the vacuous.

Investigating further, Wings & Horns are a Canadian based label born out of trips between Tokyo and Vancouver in 2004. 10 years on it continues to be made in Canada. Focused on design quality and integrity, wings+horns is inspired by the canadian landscape utilising innovative fabrics and a Japanese eye for detail.

Recently I have become fairly obsessed with simplicity and comfort, particularly in casual and lounge wear. Therefore it was no surprise that I was particularly allured by their fleece hoodie and lounge pants that you can see below…




This is definitely a brand I’ll be keeping my eye on from now on.

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