Christmas Party Advice w/ Anna & Tom

Christmas Party Advice w/ Anna & Tom

It’s that time of year – Christmas party season! You probably have your office Christmas party date in the diary, you might even be planning your outfit already and wondering who might disgrace themselves this year. Well I got together with Anna from Always a Fashion Parade to discuss Christmas parties, some dos and don’ts and a few outfit options…

Girls – shop the pieces in the video…

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Carly Wet Look Leggings

Anna’s Advice for the girls…

annaSo the work Christmas party is the one time in the year where work and play collide.

You want to be you and have some fun but you are still surrounded by the people who pay your salary and who you don’t just have to see every day but the NEXT day.

I have known more than one who chose to actually quit their job rather than face the aftermath of the Christmas party. No one wants to be that person.

So to keep things simple here are the do’s and don’t of what to wear


Wear anything too short or low cut. You don’t want to feel awkward showing your boss your cleavage or flashing your knickers. You want to look sophisticated and professional.
Wear too high heels. Hobbling around or worse carrying your shoes after a few too many proseccos is never a good look.


Wear something fun and a bit different but not something you wouldn’t normally wear, like Oasis High Neck Feather Dress from John Lewis.

Try a jumpsuit, they are smart, cool and a safer option as far as knicker flashing is concerned.

Check out Velvet dresses. They are very on trend, easy to wear and warmer than most dresses

Think about the cold, often I haven’t taken my coat off all night and not even shown off my pretty dress so think long sleeves, sequin jackets, kimono’s, wraps and fur stoles, all glamorous and all warm.

Wear tights, I’m not a massive fan or black tights unless they are fishnets I would go for sheer tights with added body shaping bonus.

Remember to eat too, eating is never cheating as far as work Christmas parties are concerned!!

Have fun but stay classy!

Tom’s Advice for the guys…


The Christmas party is one of the highlights of the year from a party point of view. If you’re lucky enough to work somewhere decent it usually means a free night out and plenty of booze, plus the opportunity to try your luck with that new girl you’ve got your eye on. But it’s also full of pitfalls, no more so than coming on to someone you shouldn’t or drunkenly insulting your boss… so watch how you go! But first and foremost, you want to look good…


Make an effort. Try wearing something you wouldn’t normally wear. There is no need to go over the top, but maybe a really nice velvet jacket like this from Reiss, matched with a well fitted white shirt and smart tailored trousers.

Invest in a decent aftershave and one that you don’t wear day to day – it’ll work a treat with the office girls (or guys!) believe me.


Try and be funny or quirky. There is nothing more cringe worthy than a novelty Christmas tie or overtly loud shirt. It’s a sign of serious lack of personality.

Wear something you’re not comfortable in or doesn’t suit you. Don’t follow fashion for the sake of it, wear what suits you and makes you feel good.

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