Summer Wardrobe – The Races

In the 2nd instalment of my Summer Wardrobe series I thought I’d take a look at dressing for a day at the races. A couple of weeks ago I was lucky enough to enjoy a little jolly to Newbury races with some good friends and as well as some first class racing on display, there was also some 3rd rate dressing. The races can be a minefield when it comes to appropriate clothing and so many lads seem to stray from sophistication, subtlety and understated style. Instead putting their money on shiny silver suits and ill fitting trousers.

It was going to be a beautiful day but there was always the chance of it getting chilly in the evening, so first off I plumped for a traditional cotton Fred Perry Oxford…

Fred Perry Oxford

This was accompanied by some cropped slim fit Navy chinos. I’m extremely skinny and always like to go for the tailored look, so I have to plump for slim fit or skinny fit trousers at every turn.

Navy Chinos

Footwear consisted of a decent pair of Navy loafers – they can be a daring choice, the loafer and you need to be confident of pulling it off, but with nicely tailored trousers and under no circumstances a pair of socks they are the perfect smart summer shoe.


Finally with the threat of it getting a bit chilly later on I went for a nice Navy cotton crew neck to throw round the shoulders. I was sporting a Weekend Offender piece, but this Hugo Boss below is rather nice…

Crew Neck Hugo Boss

So there we have it, all in all it was a great little day out and thanks to The Racecourse King and GetYourTipsOut on Twitter for picking some winners for us.

Gentleman Casual at the races

The Gentleman Casual (Left) 

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