Review: Jack Wills Sportswear

“They’re designed for life, whether you’re running a 10k or for the bus. Exclusively available online and in store at Soho, Covent Garden and Heathrow.”

Yeah right, no one who wears Jack Wills is ever willingly on a bus! I would imagine that any that are, are firm believers in the adage that if you are on a bus past the age of 25 you are a failure.

But anyway, Jack Wills have launched a sports wear range and apparently it is designed for life. And not just a privileged one. But one that involves public transport as well. So good to know that is is available exclusively in central London or one airport.

You have probably sensed from my tone that I am not a Jack Wills fan. Now this is not a class bashing thing. If you delve into my background you will find a degree of comfort involved in my upbringing, one that I am very thankful for. But Jack Wills is just the uniform of a tribe that I simply feel I do not belong. Ok at 31 one perhaps I am too old for a start. I am also not the sort of person who feels it is appropriate to wear baggy jogging bottoms and flip flops. Or a bracelet I bought off some poor fucker on my last trip to Thailand.

It is the label of choice for the hooray Henry. We all know it. They all know it. Even Jack Wills knows it. Of course they do. Society is made up of tribes, we all associate ourselves with something and we all need ways in which to outwardly display our associations. Jack Wills is the Mexican prison tattoo of the upper middle classes.

I’m afraid I associate it with a type of person to whom I simply can’t relate. Arrogant. Entitled. Casually racist. And likely to think chasing and murdering a fox for “fun” isn’t all that bad.

Yes I am making sweeping generalisations. But isn’t that what we all do? I tend to find cliches are cliches for a reason.
JW Sports

So what about the sportswear itself? Well it’s inoffensive enough. It’s hard to get soft cotton sweats wrong really. Which is why these sorts of ranges are all about the brand. Gym and Sportswear is pretty homogeneous, but we also want to ensure it’s the logo on our loop-back sweat that is saying something about who we are.

I should imagine it’ll be right up your street if you are hitting the gym for that Rugby Sevens tournament.

I’ll stick to my Adidas thanks.

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