Berlin – Wardrobe (Update 2018)

I put together a wardrobe post for a trip to Berlin two years ago and now I’m off there again for a few days this bank holiday weekend. So I thought I’d put together a new post, particularly as the weather is currently looking to be constantly sun and plus twenty degrees.

First up I’ll be traveling in my newly acquired Adidas Cardle TT tracksuit from the SS18 Spezial drop…

adidas Cardle TT Spezial

Probably paired with the Lacombe SPZLs from the same range, which are still available on Hip Store. 

Then on Saturday night and into Sunday daytime, we’ll be out, heading first to Watergate to see Nick Curly and then onto ABOUT:BLANK. When clubbing in Berlin you should expect to be out for the long haul and if you’re not around when the sun has come up, then you’re doing it wrong. Despite the glorious weather, I’ll still adhere to the unwritten rule of black as a techno uniform. Particularly in Berlin.

So I’ll be wearing black jeans and my “Summertime Sadness” t-shirt from the wonderful LIFE CLUB, with my Stone Island hoodie for a bit of warmth overnight.

Stone Island Black Hoodie

And as there is always the potential to be out for hours in Berlin, a little bag wouldn’t go amiss. You know, to keep the Ray Bans in for that sunrise and what’s left of my Euros. This little Eastpack shoulder bag should do the job…

The rest of the stay will be a little bit more sedate and cultured. As we’re staying in the lovely Radisson, I’ll probably make use of the pool and sauna so I’ll need a pair of my trusty pool slides and to keep the Berlin black theme going, I might go for this Hugo Boss pair. You can see my Top 10 Pool Slides for the summer in a recent post.

For something a bit more sophisticated for the hopefully balmy spring Berlin nights, I’ll probably plump for a decent pair of chinos, loafers and nice Fred Perry Polo from the Raf Simons collab.

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