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The Gentleman Casual is very pleased to welcome a guest post from mens style blogger and Aussie Peter Minkoff as he talks us through everything you need to know to look sharp at that summer wedding, whatever the setting…

peterIt is that time of the year again – your mail is filled with wedding invitations, and besides the usual questions about the gifts and the date, you have one bigger concern – what to wear. Or better, you might be the one tying the knot, so your outfit is even more important. Let us be honest, no one likes to be trapped in a heavy suit on a + 30°C, but you cannot go in your favourite shorts and white tank tee. The fact that your outfit is not determined only by the season, but also by the crowd and the location, does not make things easier either. Here, we will try to do exactly that for you, by providing you with a guide that will help you look your sharpest at every summer wedding.

The City Wedding – Sharp and Refined

Here, you will have to do your best to master the art of looking sharp in a classic and subtle ensemble. Dressing for a city wedding requires a timeless suit, with some more edgy accessories. Start by selecting basic colours, such as grey, navy or blue. Usually, you should wear a solid colour, but a subtly checked suit is not out of the question. Your best choice of fabric is mid-weight. Custom tailored shirts will provide the best versatility and fit. The jacket can be left of after the official part of the ceremony. Pick an Oxford shirt in a slightly eye-popping shade (pink, blue, mint green, etc.) with a regular pointed or a rounded collar. Oxford shoes are always a safe bet. Feel free to experiment with colours and patterns for your tie.


The Country Wedding – Smart and Casual

There is just something special about country weddings – the amazing view of forests and hills, a pig roasting above open fire and the aroma of granny’s pie suggest that this is more casual event which does not require a suit. Still, the range of tailoring is so wide that you could get the absolutely best sports coat or blazer that can add some dapper vibe to the otherwise relaxed outfit. Besides, these pieces are great for making a fashion statement, so you can go for check/herringbone style, or if the weather is a bit tricky, even a tweed version. Tone the heritage feel down with neutral trousers in beige or navy hues and loafers or brogue shoes. Use playful accessories (braided belts, patterned bowties, etc.) as a twist.

The Beach Wedding – Light and Bright

Everyone’s favourite type of summer wedding requires bright colours and light materials. When choosing your outfit for this wedding, just imagine yourself standing on a deck of some yacht anchored in the French Riviera with a glass of champagne – what would you love to wear in such occasion? Opt for cotton or linen shirt, preferably in white colour. Go wild with the trousers and choose soft lavender, mint green, duck egg blue or sunshine yellow shade. If you need a jacket (windy weather or strict dress code) choose a breathable cotton-blend or linen variety in a neutral hue. Unless you are planning to sungaze, we recommend aviator glasses, that will keep your eyes safe and your look impeccable. Finish up with light footwear – espadrilles, suede loafers or deck shoes.


Besides the location, you should have in mind the crowd and some special dress code requirements you might have got on the invitation. If you are unsure about it, it is always best to ask the bride or the groom to be, or someone other who participates in the wedding organisation. Also, remember that you should always look your best, but without stealing the attention from the two people that deserve it the most.

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