Europa League Final in Basel – Wardrobe

The good times are back in L4. Or so we hope. Liverpool are in another European final and under the stewardship of the most likable man in football, Jurgen Klopp. But it’s not all just fun and games, he has already looked to have turned the corner in making Liverpool a force again. So it’s Basel for the Europa League final and I’m going. I’ve not got a ticket, but Jurgen told me to go. So I am. All these years I’ve said I’ll do a European away and I never have. I didn’t go to Istanbul and I’ve always regretted it. So whether I could really afford it or not, this time I thought, fuck it. I’m going.

Now all the travel is sorted, a combination of train, plane and auto-mobile, and I have a nice Air BnB secured, it’s time to turn my attention to what to wear for this grand occasion. Particularly when scousers and Liverpool’s success in Europe is known for basically inventing football casual fashion. Packing light is going to be important, but by all accounts we could be set for some rain. So here’s what I’m looking to pack for my little Swiss jaunt…


adidas SPZL Harwood Anorak

When it comes to travelling with Liverpool, it’s tough to stray too far from adidas. It’s usually their trainers I’m obsessed with and tend to go for a Ma.Strum or something of that ilk for a jacket, but I love this SPZL collection anorak and for this trip I’ll need something lightweight and waterproof just in case a few of those hours stood in a Swiss square drinking will be wet…



Lacoste Long Sleeved Classic Pique Polo

Despite being a red you’ll see I have a love of all things navy and with the weather likley to be a bit changeable but largely fairly mild I feel like a long sleeved polo shirt is going to be perfect. I don’t think you can go wrong with Lacoste when it comes to a decent polo shirt, short or long sleeved, an absolute staple of football casual fashion.



Carhartt Rebel – Blue Rigid Colfax Denim

Jeans are one of the few items of clothings that I don’t get that passionate about. I see them more as a necessity than a luxury or where there is much variation, but I know quality does matter so without wanting to spend a fortune Carhartt seems like a good shout. I need a slim fit and these look perfect.



adidas LA Trainer OG

I told you it was hard for me to see past adidas, especially for trainers and these only recently caught my eye. They are a re-release of the classic LA OG and I think they are absolutely beautiful. I love a jogger style to my trainers, which these have but with the added little LA style. Perfection.


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